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  1. This question can be approached in myriad ways, but I have no problem with choosing just one. At first glance, it might seem that I am quite typical lover of mysteries, quite typical truthseeker, quite typical enthusiast of the eastern wisdom tradition, yet another person interested in spirituality, but this is only a part of the picture, and a tricky part. A closer look would reveal my unique traits, both desired and undesired, of which are plenty. I differ in many little ways and I am constantly relocating boundaries. I don’t naively polarize, I don’t limitedly identify myself with any school of thought, I don’t carelessly ignore logic and falsifiability, I don’t confusingly state uncertain propositions as if they were certain – little things that make up a big difference. I am about sensible innovation, enlightening difference, unlimited heuristics and truth as an entangled relationship. Maybe I just want to see how far I can go, what I am capable of if I give myself a chance… As for personal information, there are none on this blog, as I wished to stay anonymous, because it’s about what I am doing here rather than who is doing that. ‘By the fruits, thou shalt know me’. That is one possible answer. I am interested in hearing about you as well.



  2. is it any distinction between what you do and Who you are? What is to be found in that very gap?…

    You are a truly complex and “mazy” person – if one can say so. From Maze. Write a novel. Short stories. You have the gift.

    I for one try to be and do my best to get out of the maze to undefinable simplicity. I write in fact to unword myself.

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  3. A light that comes out of me, originates from the darkness in me. It is the light that I want to channel here, the darkness is my burden – only when I get out of the maze, I share the results, I don’t want more of us to wander in the maze. Unless I ”win over with myself”, I do not write.

    As for the gift, I wanted for a long time to write a sort of guidebook for truthseekers, illustrating the common and not so common errors that I have made myself or have seen in others doings. That kind of book, I would be interested in writing. But, is it really a gift that is manifesting in me or perhaps something else…

    Simplicity is my ‘obsession’ also. Look at ”My Postulates” page – there is my attempt to simplify the complexities. ”To unword myself” – that is ”spiritual high point, maybe even a peak”.


  4. Unwillingly, you make me think of Parmenides. He said that Light originates from darkness. Indeed that darkness spawns the light, and not the other way round.

    The gift writes you. The story is creating you, be it error, be it truth. It´s spinning its magic web into your day. 🙂

    Simplifying the complexities. We are almost compelled – if we want to reach out.

    I like this:

    The “Universe is not many things having one state, but one thing having many states.”


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