This blog is an experiment in time, dedicated to the aim of sharing the fruits of my personal efforts and realizations that I have been through in the past years, with anyone out there who is open and willing enough to embrace it. Being a systems thinker with a holistic approach to the world outside as well as to the world inside, I intend to touch upon diverse subjects along the way, placing no thematic limits on myself. Here is where the blog title reveals itself: it’s about integral workings of the universe, always as a whole or a single unit, always united or in unison where everything connects to and is of everything else. You and I are equally vital parts of the structure.

I am planning to publish that which I genuinely feel I should share with the world meaning that you, reader, shall be treated with a reasonably high quality content only, probably worth of paying attention to. I hope that my efforts will prove to be useful and helpful as I have made many curious personal discoveries and achievements over the years and I don’t want to keep it all to myself. I will attempt to clarify some of the most debated issues, I will attempt to challenge overused schemes, I will attempt to bring consistency and coherence with my wanderings, I will attempt to plant in your mind a seed for constructive thought and I will try to document my own universe of insights as best as I can so that you can help yourself with your own journey into the epistemological labyrinth of the unknown.

You need to have a positive influence, you have to create the possibility of a two-way communication. It’s too cheap to think that you have to create drama or suffering to be fascinating. To me, communication is all about making a sacrifice. A very beautiful sacrifice. That’s the whole point.”

~ Bjork Gudmundsdottir ~

I want to build bridges between all sorts of worlds so that we can see…that there really is only one world and that this world is an all-embracing world.

Where to go now?

Head on to ”Table of Contents” for a quick overview and reference to all my posts. ”Ask Me” is intented for all kinds of questions which aren’t necessarily connected to a specific post. The remaining pages on the top of the site are containers of useful ”Resources”: these are ”Glossary”, ”Bibliography” and ”Quotations”, with ”My Postulates” as a separate addition. If you lack time, you may skip them – they are more like a bonus to the main content. All the posts on the main page are shown as headlines – click on ”continue reading” bar to see the full version of each one of them.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. It is my pleasure to meet you here and be a receiver of kind words. I like the energy of your blog – it’s vibrant, warm and caring. Keep on trying to make world happier, we are not ‘there’ yet.


  2. I am an inttrernet investigator and I look to have precise along with excellent details. I feel glad which you have putted a real difficult things in that good way that even a first-timers could understand the idea widout ny difiuclty. I genuinely appreciate your effort. Continue the great work


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