What ‘you’ are you?

ouroborosConsider this…

You have never done a thing
Nothing ever happened to you
Whatever it was all about, it never was about you
No accomplishment is yours, likewise no failure belongs to you
Nothing is there you could possibly lose
There wasn’t ever any real seperation between you and anything else real
There never was any you to begin with
How could have you been thinking otherwise?

Spectacular-self-portrait-illusion-photography-by-Laura-Williams2-600x600A photography by Laura Williams ( her flickr website )

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4 thoughts on “What ‘you’ are you?

  1. Perhaps, on reflection, looking back, now understanding looking forward in the universe at the unmeasurable size of what lies around us, how human kind has not really advanced from our conception, channelled, moulded, prodded, by, them, I think that the only humanity that could be considered, real, would be a tribe living, undiscovered, untouched by us, influenced by their own humanity..

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  2. Interesting reading, but there is nothing new in it for me and I don’t agree with author’s conclusions. I was passionately reading about these subjects in the past and still do so occasionally, but this particular article can’t impress me at this point of my understanding of things. In fact, I could write a whole article as a response to this article. Nevertheless, thanks for the link and share whatever you like. It’s just that, in my estimation, this author got lost along the way. What started as his research topic, ended as his religion. That is something I was and am still trying to avoid myself. I hope that you appreciate me being honest and my desire to keep moving instead of getting stuck or locked.


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