2015 reflections and 2016 anticipation


This was a very intense, filled with adventure and intellectually engaging year to me. At this point, I would like to extend my gratitude to all my readers, visitors, followers and commenters. Without you, my work posted here, would remain a secret diary which it is not meant to be anymore. I am glad that there is a noticeable audience out there, that there is anyone who is interested in observing my progress and that there is any positive reception at all.

This is my first blog ever ( apart from a test blog that I registered earlier and deleted short after ). I started with this project this very year, right in the middle of May. During these few months, I aquainted myself with technical aspects of WordPress, completed structural and graphic design of the blog and published more than 30 posts. I have slightly explored selected themes, made multiple references to world-culture, took part in the Great Dialogue and released an important part of the material I wanted to share.


To summarize what I have done throughout this year, let me make a short ( or not so short ) sketch of conclusions reached by the end of 2015:

  • I acknowledged certain facts like: mental illnesses are not imaginary, morality doesn’t require and follow from religion, Native Americans were destructive towards environment after all, evolutionary thought has a long history stretching back to ancient times and natural selection was independently discovered by Alfred Russell Wallace, there are numerous contradictions in the Bible, archeological evidence for the Exodus is lacking etc.
  • I spotted certain connections like: major conspiracy theories are submissive to religious narratives and racialism, there is a strong relationship between nations and myth, utopias when applied usually end in tragedy, death makes life valuable and exciting, how the same symptoms overlap and repeat in different configurations consitituing an illness of one kind or another etc.
  • I exposed certain mistakes: there is especially a lot of misconceptions about scientific methodology, atheism, psychology, nature vs human, health and spirituality, so I will skip mentioning them at this time but will instead try to somehow put them into one place in the future;
  • Some of the things I learned caused me to make significant changes in my worldview ( for example: I can no longer doubt that what is modern Turkey played a really huge role in the distant past or that I have decided that religion should not act as an authority in any sphere – whether moral, political, explanatory or customary )

There is still a lot of ”the work” to be done, there is still a lot of ”the new” to be learned and there is still a lot of ”the confusion” to deal with, thus I can promise you a lot of new material and further updates of the blog in 2016.

I hope the upcoming year will be fruitful for all of us, no matter how challenging and unexpected it might come to be. Let’s march!

16RE 3


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