Merry Christmas to you, readers and visitors!


To all you readers and visitors – Merry Christmas and…

Construct your own metanarrative, go beyond clichés, dare to be innovative, avoid repetition, constantly try to look at the same things in new ways, trust yourself before trusting anyone else, don’t ignore whatever is happening to your body, try to hear and protect your own voice no matter the surrounding white noise, embrace people with empathy, don’t feel sorry for your sensitivity, think differently yet still sensibly, don’t get stuck in one place, keep paying attention to what is going all around and inside of you, remain curious and critical, penetrate and expose the darkness and uglyness of the world but make breaks and keep returning to places of beauty and hope, don’t betray your own values and ideals, don’t be afraid of your feelings and don’t run away from yourself, but do your best and never, never give up.

That’s what I wish you!


Now as for what I do not wish you…

  • Don’t be happy ( It doesn’t work this way. )
  • Not all the best ( Why? It’s win some, lose some. )
  • Don’t solve all your problems ( Any story, fictional or real-life is interesting because it revolves around a certain problem, no problem is problem too. )
  • No peace ( If contradiction and conflict is an inherent creative property of reality, then it doesn’t make sense to wish for it… )
  • Don’t feel love ( Give it yourself! )
  • No luck with career ( Success may be the greatest obstacle to happiness and an end to authentic life. )
  • Don’t lighten up all darkness ( You gain a lot of valuable lessons from your opponent and it awakens your sense of appreciation of the light. )
  • Don’t forget the past ( It’s too important, it explains how you got into where you are now, it explains the present, it is the story of you. )
  • Don’t live forever ( Reconsider! )
  • Don’t begin a new life ( Life is a continuous, connected journey, you work the whole year for a change you want to become – you can’t do that overnight. Where were you for the whole year? )

gif4Enjoy your christmas time! It is up to you to make it enjoyable.

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