Can you imagine it – a universe where all possibilities, phenomenons and states are pre-existent and simultaneuos?


Every action-reaction in Nature is voided as it occurs, is recorded as it is voided, and repeated as it is recorded.”
Walter Bowman Russell

…Whatever it is, when it is happening, it is also unhappening. The moment it occurs, it’s gone. You are watching the shadow of something that is no more. The invisible footsteps are already paved ahead, walk them – they will recede without trace. The path is walked yet it ceases to exist afterwards. As if there was no destination, only the journey…

uni1Can you imagine that somehow…

Individual human is both male and female – concurrently
Individual human both borns and dies – concurrently
Particles are both positively and negatively charged – concurrently
Time is both flowing forward and backward – concurrently
Sun is heating up and cooling down – concurrently
Any action is happening and unhappening – concurrently
Anything appears and disappears – concurrently
Universe is both expanding and contracting – concurrently
Just like light is manifesting as both wave and particle – concurrently?

can3All elements are allready contained in a single atom – ceaselessly
All things are involved in all things – ceaselessly
Every thought interchanges with every other thought – ceaselessly
All creatures live through the death of the others
and die through the life of the others – ceaselessly?

can2And all this cosmic spectacle has been happening – beginninglessly
and will be happening – endlessly
Due to the allready pre-defined and pre-existent potential
that is equally present and ready to manifest anywhere – invariably?


Can you imagine it? Do you think such kind of the universe is possible,
or more importantly – do you think such kind of the universe is at all probable?

RE 3


3 thoughts on “Can you imagine it – a universe where all possibilities, phenomenons and states are pre-existent and simultaneuos?

  1. Are you familiar with the book titled The Dancing Wu Li Masters? It’s a great layman’s explanation of quantum physics. In it, there is an interesting detail. According to scientific and mathematical theory, there are two possible truths we can derive from what we now know of quantum. 1. Everything that is possible happens in the Universe somewhere and we live or will live every possible variation of our life in a parallel Universe, or 2. everything is pre-set, has already happened, was already decided, and our life/destiny is one and fixed. They seem as two completely opposite theories but, in fact, they are one and the same. Insofar as you can only be in one consciousness at a time, unaware of what else is unfolding in parallel universes, whether or not they exist, the one reality that we live in is the unchangeable reality, the reality that in mathematical terms, is the logical unfolding as a consequence of one particular set of choices and determinations. Regardless if we simultaneously live a billion of such set of choices or just the one, we only experience the one, and since the one is as a result of only one particular set of choices, it is, for all intents and purposes, an unchangeable destiny. It’s nice to think about these things as it helps to put them in perspective, but insofar as our day to day lives are concerned, this is only just a mind game. It does not change anything.


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