I have no tradition of writing poetry, but ‘out of nowhere’ I composed this piece today



I have no tradition of writing poetry or stories but suddenly today and to my own surprise, words and images started to appear in my mind and I decided to collect it and work it out into a short text. I thought it was worth to share. I guess this is what it means ”to go with the flow”. I cannot estimate if it is ‘good’ or not, but I am giving you a chance to read it – maybe you will enjoy it.

The secret of suffering

Your deepest truth lies in your deepest suffering
In the heart of your darkness
It is possible that you need someone else
To discover this truth for you
And complete the mystery of yourself

Open your heart to someone who
Is pure and brave enough to look into it
And he might release you from that
Which you cannot free yourself from
And which blinds you as to the
Truth of your suffering

Only when you lose yourself
In someone else
You will free yourself
From yourself

For there is a darkness
That can only be enlightened
Through someone other
Than you

And here lies the truth of your suffering
Which is your biggest secret
The secret of why you are not happy

You can be happy only
When you
Let someone with pure heart
Take away the darkness from you
And dissolve it in his love

There you will find what you were missing
That you do not live for yourself
But through yourself
You – for all and all – for you

RE 3

Tell me what you think. Did you enjoy it?



7 thoughts on “I have no tradition of writing poetry, but ‘out of nowhere’ I composed this piece today

  1. Hello. It’s always nice to welcome someone new to my blog. And thank you for recommending it. Your poem is interesting. Sometimes, we don’t know why we’re ill. Is it the wrong food, drink or something else? Sometimes we need a home remedy not the doctor who may fill you up with drugs that can’t help. Sometimes, a stranger can help. It just depends on the situation. And I hope to read more of your blog in the future.

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  2. This is in relation to my blog The Real Sphinx. Whenever I watch a documentary on ancient Egypt they never show the original Sphinx. And so the one that I included on my blog shows a young African that we know today as Cheops but his real name was Khufu. If you remember, he was the second pharaoh of the 4th dynasty. And that’s why they don’t show it because Khufu was a black man. People still ask questions on what the people in that part of Africa looked like. Well, on their walls speak for themselves and scientific evidence.

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  3. The ancient Egyptians were not influenced by Berbers, Semites, or Indo-Europeans. The ancient Egyptians came from Ham. Ham had four sons; Cush, Egypt, Phut, and Canaan. Cush today are the Ethiopians. Egypt learned most of everything from Cush. Berbers are Muslim tribes from northern Africa. Semites came from SW Asia. Now represented by Jews and Arabs, but originally included Babylonians, Hebrews, Assyrians, etc. The Indo-Europeans came from mostly Europe. Ancient Egypt is much older than the Berbers, Semites, and Indo-European. So the ancient Egyptians were not influenced by the Berbers, Semites, or Indo-Europeans.


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