Remanandhra presents: revealing notes on differentiating characteristics and peculiarities of ”my style”


Paving my own pathway

One ought to be spontaneous, playful, surprising and flexible but, at the same time, one needs to conceive and outline a vision, a plan, a comprehensive set of preferences and path-initiating principles. I am trying to give you an insightful idea of what I am about ( my methodology and long-term aims ) as well as to set, for myself, certain goal-drives and reference-points to orientate and map my thinking a little bit.. It’s like collecting dispersed notes into one place and organizing them under one heading.

What, then, should you know about the way I work and what should I be aware of about myself if I am to show you the patterns of ”my style”? Take a look and you shall get much clearer idea of ”what I am all about”. Before this happens, let me use my keyword or entry password for the universe – ”DYNAMIC UNITY” – and we can start now…

 — Revealing my guidelines

<> Creating my own intimate relationship with myself ( inside-universe ) and the world ( outside-universe )

which cannot be replaced or bought by any offering from society ( the treasure that cannot be stolen but can only die along with me ). In fact, this treasure might constitute ‘my soul’.

<> Securing the neutral point to be able to switch between all conceptual possibilities

one of the most important ‘things’ in my life was to not fall under the spell of any cultural sub-world so that it could dominate and enchant my mind. I should be beyond all creeds, ideologies, viewpoints, schools of philosophy or lifestyles yet at the same time I should also be receptive to what is useful, beautiful and valuable in all of them. I remain in the position where no label enslaves me and I am not exhausted by any single frame of reference or subject of study. I desire to be a X point of all possibilities or empty cup that can be filled with every thing and emptied of every thing. I have found that to most people it seems to be impossibility to be just open for all possibility.

<> Recognizing the connectedness of every and each piece of the experienced world – no thing is complete without other things

once I realized that, in one way or another or at one level or another, everything in the universe seems to be one and united, it was my biggest personal breakthrough, that has since served me as an enlightening reminder. You might be able to notice that my blog is full of references to this realization alone and uses it as the basis of its torn-to-pieces message.

<> Integral, holistic, all-inclusive, dynamic, adjusting, big-picture oriented habit of thinking

there was a time when my thinking was unguided, disconnected, chaotic and expressed in leaps ( I am afraid that it is the case with many people around the world but, sadly, many of them will probably not change this attitude during their lifetime ). However, I have found the key – I realized that all my thoughts  are part of one process, they are rooted in my singular experience, they all carry insights, usefulness and introspection-value.  They are windows-to-the-world and worldview-building-pieces, and they are all connected to each other and can be re-arranged and re-used with potentially endless variations.

<> Progressive heuristics – my main method of work

it’s like holarchy. I build up ascertainments about reality, one by one, ultimately creating kind of network around which my knowledge then circles back and forth, every ascertainment is consconciously arrived at by me and added to the allready existing ones, thus I create my worldview, with every phenomenon being given a careful thought and preliminary conclusion which can be then analyzed with the help of gradually growing number of insights from my other, previous ascertainments. Ultimately, all links up like a giant highway.

<> Building the living library of thoughts derived from my own experience

because I learned to appreciate and respect every thought, impression or feeling that reaches out my consciousness and I have made it a very important habit of mine to prevent these ‘streams of consciousness’ from perishing and being destined to oblivion. For that reason I am seeking different ways to ensure that these impressions may be transmitted from the inside to the outside, with as minimal ‘losses’ as it is possible at given situation. One way to do this is by writing a diary, another one is by writing a blog but there are many other ways too. The essential thing is, I want these registered thoughts to be easily accessible and ready for use, so I build a kind of library of saved-from-oblivion thoughts.

<> Desire to bridge and be able to freely move between diverse sub-worlds – supporting universalism isntead of elitism

I always tended to consider relative cultural conventions as fully questionable and replaceable social decisions, therefore I see no reason why should I stick to such conventions and limit myself by them. I personally have this desire to freely move so I can embrace all shades of ‘humanity’ and I tend to encourage others to do the same. For me, then, all ‘wild mixes’ are approved and diverse cultural sub-worlds may interchange and lose themselves in each other. Culture should not be allowed to stigmatize its creators for culture should be a servant and not a lord of man.

<> Focus on connection-making with sources of access-to-experience and familiarizing myself with the culture-system of humankind

let’s suppose  I am an extraterrestrial being visiting the Earth ( but I really don’t have to , because we all come to the Earth as clueless strangers ) and my desire is to immerse myself in culture-system of humankind – indeed that’s what I am doing. I wanted to develop a thorough understanding of culture-system and recognize all those cultural entities like postmodernity, marxism, feminism, Islam, quantum physics, psychotherapy, paganism, astrology, cyberpunk, globalism, conspiracy theories, mythology and so on and so on. I find it the only way to learn what it means to be a ‘human’.

<> Marriage of logic and imagination or of realism and fantasy

ever since I was interested in the ‘umbrella phenomenon’ of spirituality, I was sure that I am a person who is able to go beyond oversimplification of analyzing this widely discussed issue either only through poetic approach or only through analytic approach – instead I believe I am capable of successful combining of both of them and of transcending repetitive popular esotericism that surrounds this ‘umbrella phenomenon’.

<> Finding the commonplace between conceptually mainstream researchers and conceptually alternative/underground researchers

I am a long-time supporter of an idea that these two ‘environments’ or ‘schools’ can find a meeting point in which both the opportunity to engage in constructive polemics as well as to reach certain agreements are made possible. Moreover, they can teach something one another and reflect on itself, or maybe even establish a mutual cooperation. My opinion is that conceptually alternative researchers possess something of authentic value to conceptually mainstream researchers but it’s hard for them to achieve a state of mutually beneficial reciprocity.

<> Priceless value of ”sensible” questions

they are invaluable. Sensible questions make the learning dialogue between man and nature possible. No genuine inquiry or understanding can be established without asking sensible questions. It is not so much that they give us direct answers, but that they give us plethora of indirect hints which have multidirectional applications that largely pass unnoticed because we so often request straight answers. Developing the relationship and dialogue between man and nature is the key, with sensible questions being a vital tool to achieve this end, which is at once a beginning of wisdom.

<> All I can ever offer are drafts, nothing I give is finished or complete piece of work

rather, it is one thread of my message, one at time. And my work always changes throughout the time, reflecting the dynamics of its messenger.


Thank you for reading.

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