When I am in kind of deep meditation state, this is what happens to me…


In an unannounced instance a suggestive thought passed through my mind. While I was busy scouring the digital pages of my digital collections, a certain piece of work reminded me about itself. It was a printscreen of what I wrote when I was possessed by the state of deep meditation. It doesn’t happen very often, but it happened at one distant day, in a magical but not overly long period of time, lasting perhaps for no more than an hour. A stream of realizations entered my immediate consciousness and found it way out. I have diligently wrote it down, arranging it into short elegant lines of contemplative words and saved as a picture. That is, for some reason I prefer ambiguous symbolism of images to roughness of text or inscriptions. I noted the date when all this happened to make documentation more complete and confirmed as reality. As it appears to me, the world of blogging is all about precious sharings. People are given a chance to document seeing phenomenal things, something rare, unsual, unbelievable, mind-blowing. I think this experience of mine, which occured at a certain afternoon, is quite remarkable as well. As it is, one of the main reasons why I started this blog was to disclose to the external world, to people like you, the private and secret works I was creating for many years. Imagine tones of diary pages filled with handwritten content, but instead of using up paper I mostly stick to digital editors and computer tools. Somewhen in the past, after many recurring reflections, I have made a sober decision that I should begin to share and publicize what I was creating for so long – it should not continue to be for my own privileged use only. Thus, I consider it a very appropriate place and time to give you now an exclusive look at what happened that day. That’s the undeniable beauty of blogging culture, isn’t it?


Click on the pictures below to see them in their full resolution ( it will not be comfortable for you to watch them minimized! ). These pictures are taken directly from my personal collections, with no changes made since their original creation ( that’s why there are few misspellings for which I apologize in advance! ).

My Realizations


Profound Considerations

Thank you for taking your time and giving your attention to it. I hope it has triggered some dose of excitement or wonder or anything of value in you. I would be glad if you share your thoughts on it, whatever these thoughts might be!


RE 3


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