What is possibly the deepest truth one may discover?


My own perspective tells me that it depends largely on whether the universe is a cyclical entity or a self-negotiating entity. Cyclical universe should ultimately be about eternal return. Self-negotiating universe should ultimately be about eternal transformation. It also depends on whether the universe has essence or not. If it has essence, there is something immutable in it on which we should be able to depend. It may be absolute truth or law or being or god or rhythm or pattern. If it has no essence, there is nothing pure, ultimate, self-existent and so on. Either there is a hidden unfolding order or there is a dynamic negotiation of what happens next. If randomness drives the universe, it should mean a continous transformation is taking place, so that nothing ever stays the same and nothing is ever fixed. In that case, the only thing that is permanent is the symmetry of undifferentiated void which is preserved in all actions and cannot be violated hence the laws of nature and their conserving character. On the other hand, the universe may be viewed as an emanation of the one being. This emanation does not necessarily mean the universe is pre-designed according to plan but it may be a dymanic record of self-actualization of the creator. This creation or emanation or record of self-actualization may be very dynamic and resulting from ecstacy of spontaneous play and so appear as random and chaotic. Thus, we can also picture the universe as either emanationist or emergent.

Could it be possible to state the basic truth in two sentences and to express it through less than 30 words as I tried here? Just two variants of realization of oneness.

Let’s call the first one an ”esentialist emanationist theistic realization of oneness”:

You are creator of everything that exists and you exist as everything that is created. Universe is the record of self-actualization of the one existing being.10858480_1015051535191066_1917011224287824598_n———————————————————————————————————————————————

Let’s call the second one a ”nonesentialist emergent atheistic realization of oneness”.

Nothing really exists except spontaneous fluctuations of inherently unstable void. These fluctuations generate a gradually evolving structure of ever greater complexity which we call the universe.


Both variants recognize the oneness of all existing phenomena thus making it possible for both theists and atheists to live fulfilled and moral life.

Which one speaks more to you?

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2 thoughts on “What is possibly the deepest truth one may discover?

  1. Writing posts like this one, I am obliged to keep myself conscious of the fact, that these are pretty abstract and advanded considerations. I don’t know if I managed to put it an understandable way – those who are experienced in these matters will hopefully connect with it without much struggle, those with little experience in these matters, may find it quite difficult. The choice I offered through this post may be one of those ‘final preferences” deciding about ”character of one’s worldview”. What it is more important however, is that you remain in touch with what you unmistakably feel is true about you. As long as are you on the path linking you with your authentic self, you don’t have to worry if you can’t decide upon questions like this, you are simply letting it follow your own pace of your own learning process. And that is as good as it may get, anyway!

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