Silence is the most important part of speech


Does the truth lie in the words we use? No! It lies in the silences between one word and another, between one sentence and another, between one act of speech and another. The ‘truthfulness’ of the words lies in their relation to the silence. You cannot depend on that which confuses you – every lie ever told, every mistranslation ever told, every misrepresentation ever told, every insult ever told, every doublespeak ever told – none is a king in the kingdom of silence. Words are unsastainable, their passing existence is based on the silence. The silence organizes their rhythm and supports their momentary existence. The human language has always been a paradise for all kinds of liars and manipulators and a hell for enlightened men like Buddha.  Have you ever noticed the manner in which deeply spiritually possessed men speak? Their speech is dominated by silence,  they make long pauses, they speak slowly,  endings of their sentences are elonged, their tone is calm and non-intrusive and often there is a child-like experimentality and curiosity in it. They give a space for you to tune in and intuitively follow them. Their way of talking invites you to connect with their inner ocean of emotions. Manipulators, in turn, will not give you this space, but rather invade you with noise. They are noise-obsessed and space-fillers. Emancipators, however, are letting you in into their world, almost arranging something like subconcious collaboration with you. Instead of filling you with information, they will help you open up so that you can feel more relaxed with yourself and more confident with your own expression.

Emancipation-type speech:

In contrast – that’s how people that have deeply disturbed communion with inner self behave:

Regarding this subject, here Michael Tsarion at his best! ( link for those who are not yet familiar with him )

Wise words with which to ponder on the profoundity of silence:

”Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.”

”Remember what Simonides said, that he never repented that he had held his tongue, but often that he had spoken

”We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

”The understandings we have to share begin and end in mystery.”
Chanelled Message of Ra

”My effort is to leave you alone with meditation, with no mediator between you and existence. When you are not in meditation you are separated from existence and that is your suffering. I speak to help you to be silent. I say something so that you can go beyond words. I use words to help you to go into wordlessness. I continuously insist: Don’t be concerned with my words. Be concerned with my silences, the gaps between the words, the gaps between the lines.”

Look for people who give you space and watch out for people who are determined to conquer it

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2 thoughts on “Silence is the most important part of speech

  1. Being married to a covert narcissist it is the meaning in what is insais that I nust pay the most attention to and not what is actually said. It is from this I deceipher his true emotions Reality bites.


  2. The things we are silent about may be as important as the ones we are open to talk about. In the silence, a great deal of unspoken truth may be hidden. Reality of man is both what he makes visible to the others as well as what he discloses only to himself. Therefore, the most important thing is how you feel in the presence of certain people, whether or not they are saying anything. This feeling is the truth that cannot be concealed.

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