The fundamental all-pervading rhythm of the universe according to the forgotten visionary – Walter Russell Bowman

4 Cycle

Click on the picture I made and watch it in maximum resolution! Otherwise you will have no clue whatsoever as to the meaning of its content!!! However, to actually understand these diagrams, you need to study the magnificent work of Walter Russell. I can provide you with selected books in digital version in PDF format and I can also send to you a collection of more than one hundred of his diagrams.

The ecstatic vision of Walter Bowman Russell as described by himself:

”I was made to see the universe as a whole and its simple principle of creation as one unit, repeated over and over, endlessly and without variation, as evidenced in the universal heart-beat to which every pulsing thing in the light-wave universe is geared to act as ONE UNIT OF ONE WHOLE. So simple is this underlying Principle of Creation that I have been enabled, throughout these years, to state it in one paragraph and one octave-wave diagram so simply that every law or theory ever propounded in the past or future by man can be tested by that paragraph and diagram. If they will not fit into this unitary principle they are outside of Natural Law and must be discarded. It will be found that most of even the most fundamental laws and theories of the past and present do not come anywhere near fitting into this underlying principle. They will, therefore, have to be discarded in favor of immortal Truth. Knowing the wave and its octave pulsebeat in cyclic rhythms which spoiled their rhythms out for me always as zero — one — two — three — four — zero of generoactive life — and four — three — two — one — zero of radioactive death, I then knew all cause and comprehended all effect.”
Walter Bowman Russell

cosmic clock_1

I will elaborate more on Walter Russell in the future because his work must be known and I have personally spent  many fruitful hours studying it so I consider myself fit to accomplish this mission.

For both the introduction as well as detailed presentation of Walter Russell’s comprehensive theory, visit the superbly-crafted and informative website:

I recommend it personally as the best resource available for those interested in what is otherwise frequently termed ”Russelian Science”.

Furthermore, if you want to talk about Walter Russell’s theory or you are in touch with someone who does, I encourage you to comment, ask me questions on the page I made specifically for such endeavours ( Ask Me section) or set up an e-mail correspondence with me which I will allow if asked for ( I will give you my e-mail answering to your request, which I will thereafter remove because of my policy of privacy ). If I can act as a messenger or ambassador or promoter or continuator of Walter Russell’s life projects, it would be my pleasure!


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