Mankind’s mysticism is inherently and ultimately a nature’s invention All mystic and irrational aspects of human culture ultimately have their roots in symbiotic relationship between man and nature and in the way nature has fashioned the man to function. Our daily interaction with the nature around us and inside us during our evolutionary history has resulted, among other effects, in what we may call ”irrational aspects of human culture”. This simple realization has quite a far-reaching implications. If the nature would not have the need to imprint in us a potential to think irrationally, we would have been devoid of such tendencies in the first place. Yet, we are in possession of the ability to reason magically and idiosyncratically. We are helped and funded by nature with such tendencies and we cannot help but embrace it in a positive way. The nature’s motive however, it seems, was not to deceive us or provide with inexplicable wisdom but to offer us some kind of practical tool to deal with the multifaced character of existence. Either it is a part of nature’s ways to influence us in this manner or the nature has deep irrational side which neither man nor nature itself may comprehend or organize. A wondrous scratch in the heavens?

”Nature is full of infinite causes that have never occurred in experience.”
Leonardo da Vinci

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